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No Al Sightings

Well, Al has not reappeared recently at all.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he left the neighborhood during all the IV Halloween festivities.  The university/town of Goleta did kind of encroach upon his habitat by setting up fences all over the place.  Perhaps he’ll come back soon.  Sorry to all of you who were eagerly awaiting a photo.


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Last week while riding my bike home from school in the dark, a very white animal suddenly crossed my path. “Man,” I thought, “that looks like a raccoon.” Thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me and that it was just a very white cat (and so maybe my luck was changing?) with a bushy tail, I continued on my way home. When I got home, I told Carl what I had seen. “What kind of animals are bright white?” I asked him. “possums,” he said. But this didn’t look like a possum — it had a bushy tail and was bigger than a possum.

On Tuesday morning Carl went for a run and I went to the UCSB Rec Cen for my usual cross training activities. When we reconvened for breakfast (steel cut oats, of course) later that morning, Carl was very eager to tell me he had spotted the white animal — and he was pretty sure it was a raccoon. It had been hanging out with other animals that were no doubt raccoons.

Then just yesterday morning, Carl and I went for an easy run together. The main purpose of the run was to see the raccoon. We got lucky and saw him up close. Not only was he as albino as I remembered, but he was 100% raccoon. And…he was huge.

We have named this raccoon Al. He is great. I am trying to get a photo and if successful I will post it (of course, I will ask Al’s permission first).

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